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Apple’s AirTag is a small tracking device that helps you locate misplaced or stolen items using the Find My app. However, concerns have arisen regarding the possibilities of thieves disabling AirTags to avoid detection.

If a thief has an iPhone with a sufficiently updated version of iOS, they can detect the AirTag and potentially disable it. Moreover, AirTags emit a sound when moved after a certain period, alerting the thief to its presence.

Despite these challenges, you can still see the last known location of your item in the Find My app. While it’s not a foolproof solution, AirTags can provide valuable information in case of theft, and manufacturers continue to work on improving the technology.

LONDON, UK – January 2021: Apple air tag device that helps people keep track of personal items.

Theft and Unwanted Tracking

Stolen Items

If a thief steals an item with an AirTag attached, they might attempt to disable it. However, Apple has taken measures to prevent unwanted tracking. When an unknown AirTag is detected near you, your phone will receive an alert as a safety measure. Pay attention to these warnings, as they could be of great importance.

To disable an AirTag, follow the instructions provided in the notification. This might include playing a sound to locate it, reporting it to authorities, or simply leaving it behind. Upgrading your iOS to the latest version is advisable to ensure optimal security measures.

Stalker Scenario

Unfortunately, AirTags can be misused for stalking purposes. If you suspect that someone is using an AirTag to violate your privacy, follow the steps outlined by Apple to address the issue.
Keep in mind that an unknown AirTag notification does not always mean you are being stalked; it might just be lost or misplaced.

Take these notifications seriously and be prepared to contact the police if you feel your safety is at risk. Apple is constantly updating its AirTag security features to prevent stalking, prioritizing user privacy and safety.

Remember, staying informed and vigilant is essential in preventing potential unwanted tracking and ensuring your well-being.

How AirTags Work

Find My Network

AirTags use the Find My Network, a crowdsourced network of iPhones, iPads, and Macs to help you locate lost items. With the Find My app on iOS devices, you can pinpoint the last known location of your attached AirTag.

Precision Finding

Your iPhone, equipped with a U1 chip, enables Precision Finding for AirTags. This chip uses Ultra-Wideband technology to accurately determine the distance and direction to your AirTag. You’ll see the distance and direction on your iPhone screen to easily locate your lost items.

Location Tracking

AirTags use Bluetooth and NFC technologies for location tracking, making them different from conventional GPS trackers. They don’t have a built-in GPS chip; instead, AirTags rely on nearby Apple devices to send the location information. The location data is securely end-to-end encrypted, ensuring privacy and keeping sensitive information safe.

When you enable Lost Mode for your AirTag, people who find it can use their NFC-enabled device to access specific contact information. Once your lost item is located, the Find My app will notify you.

Remember to keep your iOS device updated to get the most out of the AirTag functionalities.

Airtag Safety Features

Unwanted Tracking Notification

When carrying an AirTag that’s not registered to your Apple ID, you’ll receive a notification alert to inform you about the unknown tracking device. This feature helps protect your privacy and ensures you’re aware of any unwanted tracking.

Sound Alerts

After three days of being separated from its owner, an AirTag will emit an audible alarm, making it easier for you to locate and address the potential unwanted tracking. This sound alert assists in raising awareness and some protection against misuse of the device.

Tracker Detect App for Android

For Android users, Apple provides the Tracker Detect app, which allows you to find nearby AirTags that may be tracking you without your consent. This availability of an Android app helps level the playing field for non-iPhone users and maintains privacy more universally.

How Thieves Can Disable Airtags

Disabling the Battery

To disable an AirTag, you need to remove its battery. Flip the AirTag upside down, facing the polished metal side. Press down on the back and twist clockwise to remove the battery case. Once the battery is removed, the previous owner will only be able to see the last reported location of the AirTag.

Using Jamming Devices

Another method thieves can use is employing jamming devices to block the Bluetooth signal of the AirTag. This disrupts the connection between the AirTag and the Find My network, hindering location tracking. However, using jamming devices can be dangerous and illegal in certain areas.

Keep in mind that disabling an AirTag or using jamming devices poses risks, and prevention is an essential part of maintaining safety. Stay aware of your surroundings and take appropriate measures against potential thieves.

Impact on AirTag Users

Lost Items Recovery

AirTags can be a valuable tool to help you recover lost items such as luggage or personal belongings. By attaching an AirTag to your belongings and using Apple’s Find My network, you can easily locate your lost items on a map, even if it’s in a busy place like New York.

However, thieves may attempt to disable AirTags, rendering them less effective against theft. Although the AirTag’s primary purpose is to help recover lost items, its anti-theft capabilities might not be as robust.

Prevention Measures

To minimize the risk of thieves disabling your AirTags, there are measures you can take:

  • Keep your tagged items in discreet locations, so thieves have less opportunity to discover and disable the AirTag.

  • Regularly update your AirTag’s software, as Apple continues to improve the security of the technology.

In sum, AirTags are effective in helping recover lost items, but it’s essential to take preventive steps to maximize their use and minimize potential tampering by thieves.

Airtags and Other Apple Products

Airtag-Compatible Devices

With the introduction of iOS 14.5, your iPhone, iPad, and Mac have all gained compatibility with Apple AirTags. They essentially integrate with the Find My App to help you find your misplaced items.

Specifically, your device’s requirement is that it runs on iOS 14.5 or later with the Find My app, including iPhone SE (1st gen) or newer, iPod Touch (7th gen), iPad Pro, iPad (5th gen) or newer, iPad mini 4 or newer, and iPad Air 2 or newer.

Future Improvements

As for the iPad Pro and iMac, their compatibility with AirTags is also routed through the Find My app, and future improvements are expected to enhance the overall user experience.

As the AirTag ecosystem evolves, you can anticipate improvements in location accuracy, privacy features, and further enhancements of compatibility across the Apple device range. Keep vigilant for updates to remain informed about new features and enhancements.

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