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As an AirTag user, you’re likely enjoying the convenience it brings for keeping track of your valuables. However, a question that might have crossed your mind is whether using AirTags can drain your iPhone battery.

It’s important for you to know that the CR2032 battery in the AirTag has a capacity of about 653 milliwatt-hours (mWh), while the iPhone battery capacity is about 11 watt-hours. Since Apple expects AirTags to last for more than a year, the daily consumption rate should be relatively low.

Nevertheless, some users have noticed a faster battery drain on their devices when using AirTags. Though it may not be a widespread issue, it’s essential for you to keep an eye on your battery life and troubleshoot if necessary.

Apple Air Tag

Airtags and iPhone Battery Connection

Airtag Technology

AirTags use low-power technology to communicate with your iPhone. They are designed to have minimal impact on your iPhone’s battery life. When using AirTags, your iPhone’s battery consumption may increase slightly due to location tracking and communication between the devices.

AirTags feature the energy-efficient U1 chip, which helps reduce power consumption when connecting to your iPhone. This ensures that multiple AirTags do not significantly drain your iPhone’s battery, allowing you to enjoy the features of your AirTags without worrying about your phone’s battery life.

Battery Life

AirTags are powered by a CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery, which provides over a year of battery life under normal usage. This type of battery is readily available at most electronic and drug stores, making it convenient to replace when needed. To replace the battery, simply press down on the polished stainless steel battery cover, rotate counterclockwise, and insert a new battery with the positive side facing up.

Your iPhone’s battery life while using AirTags will generally not be drastically affected. However, interactions with AirTags do consume a small portion of your iPhone’s battery capacity. Ensuring your iPhone’s battery is in good condition and following proper charging practices will help maintain optimal battery life while utilizing AirTags.

Keep your iPhone’s location services settings updated to ensure efficient usage of your AirTags. Regularly check the battery levels of your AirTags through the Find My app on your iPhone, and replace batteries when they are low to maintain reliable connections between your devices.

User Experiences and Reports

Reddit Comments

Many users on Reddit have expressed concerns about AirTags draining their iPhone’s battery life. You might come across several posts where people share their experiences dealing with decreased battery performance after adding AirTags to their devices.

In response to these concerns, some users have provided explanations or possible solutions, such as disabling certain features. It’s essential for you to explore these discussions and learn from other users’ experiences to make educated decisions about your AirTag usage.

Google Pixel Comparison

Interestingly, a few users have compared the battery usage between iPhones and Google Pixel devices when using AirTags. These comparisons often highlight differences in battery performance and could provide valuable insights into how various devices interact with AirTags.

Make sure to consider user-generated comparisons and evaluate if these results hold true for your device. Please keep in mind that these comparisons are based on individual experiences and might not always represent the entire user base.

Battery Life Management

Low Battery Warning

Your AirTag uses Apple’s “Find My” network, which requires battery power to function. You should receive a low battery warning when your AirTag’s CR2032 battery is close to depletion. This alert can help you prepare to replace the battery.

CR2032 Battery Replacement

AirTags don’t need charging, but they require a disposable CR2032 battery replacement, roughly every 12 months. It’s easy to replace the battery yourself. Follow these quick steps to maintain optimal battery life for your AirTags:

  1. Gently press and twist the silver back
  2. Remove the old CR2032 battery
  3. Insert a new CR2032 battery with its + side facing up
  4. Close the back and make sure it clicks into place

Keep in mind that certain branded batteries, such as the Duracell CR2032, may have a bitter coating. For these, slightly moisten and wipe the contact point of the battery to remove this coating.

Remember to always use a fresh CR2032 battery in your AirTag to ensure reliable performance and accurate tracking capabilities.

Airtags in Everyday Life

Finding Lost Items

With AirTags, you can locate misplaced items using the Find My network. Attach an AirTag to your belongings, and the Find My app on your iPhone helps you track them.

When an item’s location is near, the app indicates distance and direction. Remember, the AirTag will have an impact on your iPhone’s battery life while using this feature.

Privacy Considerations

Apple designed AirTags with privacy in mind. When using the Find My network, your location is always encrypted, protecting your data.

However, remain cautious of potential abuse, such as unwanted tracking. Routinely check your belongings for unfamiliar AirTags in public places.

Creative Uses for Airtags

For Pets

AirTags can help keep track of your pets. Attach one to your pet’s collar, and you’ll be able to locate them easily if they wander off.

In Cars

Place an AirTag in your car to keep tabs on its location. This can be helpful if you often forget where you parked or if your car is ever stolen.

With Music Equipment

Attach AirTags to your valuable music equipment, like guitars and amplifiers. This will help you keep track of your gear while on the go, ensuring you never lose track of these important items.


AirTags are not known to drain much of your iPhone’s battery life. The CR2032 battery used in AirTags has minimal power consumption.

You don’t have to charge AirTags, but you will need to replace their disposable battery about once every 12 months. This varies depending on usage.

However, few cases have been reported regarding increased battery drain in iPhones. These incidents might not be the norm, so it’s essential to be aware of how your device behaves with AirTags.

To ensure optimal performance, consider removing the AirTag temporarily and monitor the difference in battery consumption. Your experience may vary from others, but do not expect significant battery drain from using AirTags.

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