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As you may know, Apple has introduced AirTags, small tracking devices aimed at helping you locate lost or misplaced items using the Find My app. There is some concern, however, surrounding the functionality of AirTags in certain locations, specifically South Korea.

If you’re considering using AirTags in South Korea, understanding the limitations and compatibility with Korean networks is essential.

Although some users report mixed results, it is worth noting that Apple may disable Find My functionality in Korea, affecting the performance of AirTags in the country.

With that said, while planning your trip or living in Korea, it is essential to weigh your options and determine whether alternative location sharing services might be more suitable. Remember that using technology in different countries can come with restrictions, and staying informed will provide the best experience possible.

Apple Airtag

AirTags in Korea

Compatibility and Coverage

When using Apple AirTags in the Korean peninsula, keep in mind that the functionality might be limited. According to a Reddit post, Apple disables Find My functionality for AirTags in Korea, resulting in mixed results for their usage (1). However, alternative location sharing services like Life360 and Google Maps may work more effectively in this region.

Cultural Context

Considering the native Koreans and the Korean diaspora, it is important to be aware of the cultural context while using location tracking devices, such as AirTags. While their primary purpose is to assist users in locating lost or misplaced items, it is necessary to respect the privacy and cultural sensitivities of other individuals in Korea.

Remember, when using Apple AirTags in Korea, compatibility and coverage might be limited, and it’s essential to consider the cultural context to ensure a respectful and efficient experience.

Apple AirTags Overview

Find My Network

Apple AirTags are small, puck-shaped trackers that you can attach to your personal belongings. They work with the Find My Network, a crowdsourced network of millions of Apple devices like iPhones and iPads, which helps you locate your misplaced items even when they’re not nearby. AirTags use Bluetooth technology and rely on the vast network of Apple devices for location updates.

Precision Finding

If you have an iPhone 11 or newer with a U1 chip, you can take advantage of Precision Finding. This feature uses Ultra Wideband technology to provide you with visual and auditory cues to lead you directly to your lost item. Precision Finding helps you find your AirTag-attached item with more accuracy and speed.

Find My App

To set up and use your AirTag, you’ll need the Find My app on your iPhone. The app allows you to see the location of your AirTag on a map, play a sound on the AirTag to help you locate it, and put the AirTag in Lost Mode, which lets you receive notifications once it is found. If someone else finds your lost item, they can use their iPhone or NFC-enabled device to access your contact information and get in touch with you.

Find My NetworkBluetooth-enabled Apple device, Find My app
Precision FindingiPhone 11 or newer with U1 chip
Find My AppiPhone with iOS 14.3 or later
  • AirTags use Bluetooth, sound, and NFC for various features
  • Find My Network is a crowdsourced system for locating items
  • Precision Finding requires an iPhone 11 or newer

Although Apple AirTags can be a useful tool, their functionality in South Korea might be limited due to restrictions on location services. It is imperative to verify AirTag compatibility and functionality with local regulations before relying on them during your travels in Korea.

Technical Features

U1 Ultra Wideband Chip

Apple AirTags come equipped with a U1 Ultra Wideband chip. This technology allows for more precise location tracking, especially when combined with devices that also have U1 chips.

Range and Distance

The Bluetooth technology inside the AirTags allows for a variable range, with the actual distance depending on a variety of factors such as environment and device compatibility. Keep in mind that, while powerful, the AirTag’s location services may have limitations in certain regions, such as Korea.

iPhone Compatibility

AirTags are designed to work seamlessly with compatible iPhone models. For example, iPhone 12 and newer devices with the U1 chip can take full advantage of the Precision Finding feature, further enhancing your item-tracking experience.

Lost and Found AirTags

Lost Mode

If you lose an item with an AirTag attached, you can put the AirTag in Lost Mode using the Find My app. This will notify you when it’s found, and anyone with an iPhone or Android device that has NFC can help return it to you.

In Korea, Apple’s Find My functionality may be disabled, potentially affecting AirTags’ performance. However, other location-sharing options such as Life360 and Google Maps Location Sharing are known to work in the country, with mixed results.

Stolen AirTags

If you suspect your AirTag has been stolen, you can still utilize Lost Mode to protect your information. Your Apple ID will be linked to the AirTag, preventing unauthorized access.

While AirTags use Ultra Wideband technology to communicate with your iPhone, do keep in mind that their full functionality in Korea might not be guaranteed due to potential restrictions on the Find My service.

Airtag Accessories

Item Trackers

Apple AirTags are great for tracking items like bags, luggage, and other valuables when you travel abroad including Korea. You can attach an AirTag to your belongings to keep tabs on their location.

Key Attachments

To make the most out of your AirTags, you should consider using key attachments. For instance, the Apple AirTag Loop and Belkin Secure Holder with Strap are some popular options for securing AirTags to your keys or other valuable items.

When choosing an AirTag accessory, consider options like:

  • Best AirTag Accessory Overall: Apple AirTag Loop
  • Best Budget AirTag Accessory: Belkin Secure Holder with Strap
  • Best Premium AirTag Accessory: Nomad Leather Loop & Keychain
  • Best Customizable AirTag Accessory: dbrand Grip Case & Skin

By selecting the appropriate accessory for your needs, you can efficiently track your items, ensuring that you can locate them easily in Korea.

Battery and Maintenance

Battery Life

Apple AirTags have a battery life of up to one year with normal usage. To check your AirTag’s battery status, open the Find My app and view the battery details under your AirTag’s name.

U1 Chip Power Consumption

The U1 chip in AirTags allows for precise location tracking. Fortunately, the chip is power-efficient, ensuring that it doesn’t drain the battery significantly. However, be prepared to change the battery when it gets low to maintain optimal functionality.

Community Reactions

R/Korea Subreddit

When it comes to AirTags in Korea, there’s been discussion among members of the r/Korea subreddit. Some users indicate that AirTags do not work in South Korea. However, the information available is somewhat outdated and may not reflect the most recent updates to the technology.

It’s essential for you to keep in mind that the reliability of AirTags in Korea may still be up for debate, as users share their own experiences, which may differ from one another.

Foreigners in Korea

In the case of foreigners living in or visiting Korea, AirTags could potentially help track their belongings. Still, the mixed opinions and experiences reported by some users may create uncertainty about how effective they actually are.

With the current information available, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of using AirTags in Korea, based on shared experiences and reported functionality in the region.

Remember that as a reader, it’s important to stay updated on any changes in the technology or developments within Korea that may affect the performance of AirTags within the country.

Software Updates

iOS 14.5

To utilize AirTag in Korea, ensure your iPhone is running on iOS 14.5 or later. This version supports the Find My app that allows you to track your AirTags effectively.

iPadOS 14.5

For iPad users, ensure your device runs on iPadOS 14.5 or later. This update supports the Find My app for AirTags, providing the same tracking capabilities as iOS 14.5.

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