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Since its initial release by Amazon in 2007, the Kindle has revolutionized how people read books and consume written content. Thanks to their simplicity and effectiveness, they remain the most popular e-reader device in the world today. 

How durable are Kindles?

Kindles are very Durable, on the surface, the Kindle may look like a flimsy device that could be easily breakable. In reality, the thin design is deceiving, and Kindles can withstand a surprising amount of wear and tear without breaking. They’re made from high-quality materials, which boost durability. 

Of course, using your Kindle responsibly will limit the risk of it being damaged. With electronic devices that are used regularly, there are bound to be some accidental bumps and scrapes, and the Kindle should have no problem surviving these.

In this article, we’ll discuss the durability of every type of Kindle in detail. 

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How Durable are Kindles? 

On the whole, Kindles are pretty durable devices considering their slender designs. Different Kindle models are more or less durable than others, but overall they’re impressively roadworthy. 

If you’ve used a Kindle before, you’ll know that they feel different from any other tablet e-reader device. Kindles are quite thin, but they feel solid due to the materials used by Amazon to construct them. 

Kindles are made from plastic housing that is produced using an injection molding process. The display consists of a blend of E-ink and electronic paper, commonly known as an electrophoretic screen. 

Due to the lightweight design of Kindles, they’re less likely to break if they are dropped on the floor. The lack of a glass screen also helps to minimize the chance of damage – as this is the most common area to break on other tablets and smartphones. 

Many Kindle models are also water resistant. We’ll get into the specific Kindle types and their durability levels in the rest of this article. 

How Durable is Kindle Fire? 

The Amazon Fire, which was previously called the Kindle Fire, is one of the best-selling tablets in the world. The device has come a long way since it was first introduced in the early 2010s. 

In terms of durability, the Fire HD models are impressive. Despite being affordable compared to other options, such as iPads, these tablets are pretty roadworthy. 

Unfortunately, the Fire tablet is not waterproof or water-resistant, but it has a solid design that can withstand everyday use. The glass screen could be prone to breaking if it is dropped or stepped on, but this can be solved by using a case for the tablet. 

Water-resistant cases are available, which are useful if you would like to use your Fire tablet near the pool. They’ll also provide some extra physical protection from scratches or knocks. 

How Durable is Kindle Paperwhite?

The Kindle Paperwhite is a highly durable device. It’s more roadworthy than the standard Kindle and the Amazon Fire tablet, with newer versions boasting water resistance and impressive robustness. 

Lightweight and mobile, you’d be forgiven for assuming that the Paperwhite might be susceptible to breaking, but this simply isn’t the case. It can survive being used extensively over a period of years and is unlikely to break if it is dropped accidentally. 

The E-ink screen is more durable than LCD screens, and even if you put pressure on it by mistake, it is unlikely to be permanently damaged. 

Rated IPX8 water resistant, the Kindle Paperwhite can handle being immersed in up to two meters of water for up to 60 minutes. It can also survive in up to 0.25m of seawater for up to three minutes.

Despite its impressive water resistance, it’s not recommended that you intentionally immerse the Kindle Paperwhite in water. It’s designed to withstand accidental exposure to water, and care should still be taken when using it. 

Do I Need a Case for Kindle? 

If you’re concerned about your Kindle getting damaged, getting a case is a good preventative measure to take. The degree of protection the case provides depends on its quality. 

Having a case for your Kindle is not essential, as the device is already very durable compared to other tablet-style devices. However, the extra layer of protection may be the difference between the E-ink being damaged or remaining unscathed if the Kindle is stepped on or dropped. 

When choosing a case for your Kindle, it’s essential to make sure it fits the exact model that you own. There are different cases available for the various Kindle generations. 

A Kindle Paperwhite case will fit the exact dimensions of that model so that maximum protection is provided. Similarly, many good-quality cases exist for the standard Kindle model and the Kindle Oasis. 

Most good-quality Kindle cases are made from fabric, which absorbs impact if they are dropped or bumped. They often have an “auto sleep wake” feature, which means the Kindle display will be turned on when the case is opened. 

You can also get Kindle cases with an extendable stand on the back. This is useful if you want to read an eBook at your desk or table without needing to hold the device in your hands. 

Here’s a YouTube video analyzing the usability of a case for Kindles:

Related Questions

How long does a Kindle last? 

The lifespan of a Kindle depends on several factors. How often you use the device will play a part, as will the condition that it is kept in. On average, a Kindle should last for somewhere in the region of 5 years if it is looked after properly. 

Are Kindles shatterproof?  

The latest models of the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis e-readers are shatterproof and scratchproof. Unlike the LCD screens used for most tablet devices, the E-ink screen is shatter-resistant if dropped.

Can you replace the battery in a Kindle?

It is possible to replace a Kindle’s battery, provided you have the necessary tools. There are many tutorials on how to do this online, and you don’t need to have much experience with electronics as the replacement is quite simple. 

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