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Kindles are designed to provide a similar reading experience to paper books but with some added features for convenience. If you’re a Kindle user, you might have noticed the term “loc” while reading eBooks on the device. 

What are Kindle locations?

On a Kindle, “loc” is used as an abbreviation for “location.” This is a replacement for the page numbers that are commonly seen in physical books. Kindles use location so that you can find a particular point in an eBook even if you change the font size.

The concept of locations can be confusing at first for Kindle users, as it may seem more logical to simply use page numbers. However, there are several key reasons that locations are better suited for Kindles and similar e-reader devices.

This article will explain exactly what Kindle locations are and how you can use them to improve your reading experience. 

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What Are Kindle Locations? 

When we switch over to using a Kindle, it doesn’t take long to get used to the differences between using the device and reading a physical book. Many people quickly come to prefer the convenience of having all of their reading material on one device. 

One of the key differences between reading on Kindle and reading a paper book is that the Kindle doesn’t have page numbers but instead provides you with a “loc,” which is short for “location.”

Kindle locations are simply a marker that allows you to find a specific point on an eBook. The location is presented as a number, which begins at “1” and can reach into the thousands, depending on the length of the eBook.

You can use the locations in the same way that you would use page numbers in a conventional book to mark certain parts that you may want to revisit. 

People new to using a Kindle often become confused by the “loc” number on every page of their eBook. In reality, the number is simply a substitute for page numbers. 

Do Kindle Books Have Page Numbers? 

By default, Kindle books do not have page numbers like paper books do. While this may seem counterintuitive, there’s a reason that Amazon uses location numbers rather than page numbers. 

When you read an eBook on your Kindle, you can make the text larger or smaller. Regardless of the text size you choose, the Kindle will fill the entire display screen size. 

This means that increasing the text size will result in fewer words being fit onto the display screen at once. Alternatively, smaller text sizes will allow more words to be displayed. 

If the Kindle had page numbers, they would constantly change depending on your chosen text size. This would make them inconsistent, and therefore location numbers are used as a more reliable alternative.

The location number that you see when reading an eBook on your Kindle does not change, regardless of the text size. As a result, you can use this number to find a certain part of a book or share the location with a friend who also may be interested in what you are reading. 

How Do I Make My Kindle Show Page Numbers?

Until Amazon released the Kindle 3.1 software, it was not possible to show page numbers when reading a book on the device. A feature was added with this update that allowed this, but it is only compatible with certain eBooks. 

If your eBook is compatible with this feature, use these steps to display page numbers while reading it:

  1. Open the eBook. 
  2. Go to the page that you want to know the number of.
  3. Tap “Menu” on the Kindle
  4. Find the page number which should be displayed at the bottom of the screen

If you can’t see the page number after following these steps, this probably means the eBook doesn’t support the page number features. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to achieve this. 

Here’s a YouTube video explaining the way to add page numbers on Kindle:

How to Save a Page Location on Kindle

When reading an eBook on your Kindle, you may find a certain chapter, paragraph, or section that you would like to save. With a real book, people usually just insert their bookmark into the page so that it can be recalled later. 

It’s possible to save a page location on Kindle by tapping the bookmark icon at the top right of the screen. This icon should always be visible when you are reading a book on the Kindle. Once you’ve opened the bookmark menu, you can then tap the + icon, which will save the page as a bookmark. 

You can add multiple bookmarks in the same eBook, so don’t worry that saving another page will result in the other one being erased. When you tap the bookmark icon, you will be presented with all of the pages that you have bookmarked in the eBook. 

You can also remove any bookmarks that you no longer need using the bookmark menu. It’s a good idea to do to avoid confusing yourself when searching for certain pages. 

Related Questions

How does Kindle determine the time remaining in a book?

A Kindle tracks the speed at which you read a book to predict how long it will take you to reach the next chapter or the end of the book. The quicker you turn to the next page; the less time will be predicted for you to reach the end. 

Can Kindle tell you words per minute?

You can access a wide range of useful information and statistics using the Kindle Reading Insights feature. This includes your words per minute after completing a full book and your reading speed throughout your time reading a book. 

How do I get used to reading on my Kindle?

Reading books on a Kindle is similar to reading a paper book in some ways, but it may also feel very different at first. The key is to stick with the Kindle for a few months so that your eyes can adjust to the screen and so that you become more comfortable using the device. 

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