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Kindle samples are an excellent way for readers to preview a book before they commit to buying it. In most cases, you get around 10% of the book, allowing you to get a feel for the writer’s style and the general themes of the book. 

Do Kindle samples expire?

There is no time limit on how long you can access a Kindle sample. After downloading the sample, it will be on your Kindle indefinitely until you choose to remove it. Most people either choose to buy the full book or delete the sample once they have finished reading it. 

If you have many books samples on your Kindle, this will take up a considerable amount of the device’s available storage space. Therefore, it’s recommended that you remove samples after you’ve read them and decided whether you would like to buy the full eBook.

This article will discuss the topic of Kindle samples expiring and other relevant information. 


Do Kindle Samples Expire?

When you download a Kindle sample, you will gain access to a small segment of the pages so that you can see whether you would like to commit to buying the full version. This feature is very useful and can save you money wasted on books you don’t enjoy. 

It’s a common misconception that Kindle samples expire after a certain amount of time and are automatically erased from your device. Once you’ve downloaded the sample, it will remain on your Kindle and in your Kindle account until you choose to delete it manually. 

That means you can take your time working your way through the sample without worrying about it suddenly disappearing from your Kindle library. You can also store as many Kindle samples on your Kindle as you like, providing you have the space available. 

Most people read a Kindle sample fairly quickly, as they are often only around 10% of the total number of pages. It’s usually quite easy to tell whether you are interested in continuing to read a book once you’ve read the sample. 

For authors, Kindle samples are a great way to showcase their work to potential readers. 

Do Kindle Books Ever Expire? 

Providing that you purchased a Kindle book from Amazon, it will not expire or be automatically removed from your device. The same is true for free eBooks that can be downloaded from the Kindle section of your Amazon app or the Amazon website. 

There is a service offered by Amazon named Kindle Unlimited, which is a paid subscription allowing users to download any eBooks for free. The catch is that these eBooks are then removed from your account after three weeks. 

Kindle books that you have paid for or downloaded for free will only be removed from your account if you manually choose to do this. Amazon places no time restrictions on purchased eBooks, as you have paid for the ownership of the product. 

If you are using the Kindle Unlimited service, then you’ll need to read any eBook that you download for free within the three-week time limit, when it will be automatically removed from your account. 

Why Are Deleted Books Still on Kindle?

If you’ve recently deleted books from your Kindle library but find that they’re still appearing on the device, you probably need to sync the device to your Kindle account. This is required for any changes to be applied. 

To sync your device to your Kindle account, it must be connected to the internet. You can then open the “Quick Actions” menu by swiping down on the home screen and then tapping the “sync” icon. 

This should remove the books from your Kindle device once the syncing is complete. You may need to restart your Kindle for the changes to be fully applied. 

If this fails, go back to your Kindle account and check that you actually did remove them. You might have mistakenly removed a different book or chosen the wrong option when trying to delete the books. 

How to Purchase a Full Kindle Book After Reading the Sample 

When you’ve finished reading a Kindle sample, you then need to decide whether you’d like to buy the full-length version. If the answer is yes, there is a specific way to do this that may not be as simple as you’d expect. 

Rather than being presented with a “buy now” option on your Kindle after completing the sample, you must go back to the Kindle store on your Amazon account. This should be done on a desktop device, not a mobile device. 

Search for the book that you would like to purchase, and then choose the Kindle version. The eBook will be added to your Kindle library, and you can then sync your Kindle or another device with your account to access it. 

On iOS devices, there is no way to buy books using the Kindle app. You must use the internet browser on the device or use a desktop device to make the purchase. 

The Amazon website makes it easy to search for Kindle books and download them to your account. 

For a detailed guide, watch the YouTube video below:

Related Questions

How long is a sample on Kindle? 

The length of a Kindle sample is determined by the author and, therefore, can vary from book to book. On average, most samples provide you with 10% of the book’s total page count, so a 300-page book would have a sample of around 30 pages. 

Are Kindle samples always free? 

Amazon will never charge you for downloading a sample of a Kindle eBook. The idea of a sample is to introduce the reader to the book so that they can decide whether they want to commit to purchasing the full-length version, so charging for this would be counterintuitive. 

Is Kindle Unlimited free with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime gives you access to a wide range of content and other benefits, but Kindle Unlimited is unfortunately not one of them. You have to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited separately from Amazon Prime to access all of the eBooks it includes. 

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