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Apple Watches are most commonly used in conjunction with an iPhone. Millions of iPhone users enjoy the enhanced functionality and convenient features of Apple Watches. 

Will Apple Watch work with iPad?

Apple Watches are not compatible with iPads. The device is designed to be used exclusively with iPhones running iOS 10.0 or later, and Apple has yet to comment on whether future models will work with iPads. 

Although this may disappoint iPad users, the Apple Watch can be used in many other ways that may interest you. iPhones and Apple Watches are the best combinations, as these devices link seamlessly.

In this article, we’ll establish whether there’s any way that the Apple Watch can be used with iPads, and dig deeper on this topic. 

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Will Apple Watch Work With iPad?

Apple Watches must be paired with an iPhone and cannot be set up and paired with an iPad. The watch is designed to be used in conjunction with an iPhone and to share information with this device. 

The only thing you can do with an Apple Watch and iPad is using the Apple Fitness app with your iPad as the video screen to demonstrate certain exercises. Even to do this, you will need to pair your Apple Watch to an iPhone, or it will not work. 

The Apple Watch has quickly become one of Apple’s most successful creations since the first generation was released in 2015. Many users feel this should have prompted the tech giant to make the device compatible with iPads. 

Unfortunately, it’s a little unclear which devices the Apple Watch can be used with. This leads to some iPad users being disappointed when they discover that the Apple Watch is only compatible with iPhones. 

The Watch app, which is used to operate the Apple Watch and change its settings, is unavailable for download on the iPad app store. Apple has caused the app to be hidden when you search for it in the app store so that Apple Watch users don’t get excited.

If you own an iPad but don’t have an iPhone, you won’t be able to use an Apple Watch unless you acquire an iPhone 5S or later. The watch must be initially set up with an iPhone, and then you can access its many features. 

Once you’ve set the Apple Watch up with your iPhone, you can then use it with or without the phone. If you have a cellular Apple Watch, you can access some of the features even if you don’t have your iPhone. 

However, the Apple Watch only performs to its maximum capabilities when you use it alongside your iPhone. 

There have been calls for Apple to make the Apple Watch at least partially compatible with the iPad, but there has been no news or announcements from the manufacturer to date. Renowned for their attention to detail, it would be a surprise if Apple weren’t considering making this a reality in the future. 

Will Apple Watch Work With iPad Mini?

After the worldwide success of their full-sized iPads, Apple initially released the iPad Mini in 2012.

Since then, seven generations have been released, and major improvements have been made since the early models. 

We’ve established that the Apple Watch cannot be used with an iPad, but what about the mini model? It would seem more logical that the watch could work with the smaller version of the iPad, seeing as though it is designed for the even smaller iPhone. 

However, before you get too optimistic, the iPad Mini is also incompatible with the Apple Watch for the same reasons that the full-sized iPad models aren’t. The watch is designed specifically for use with the iPhone, and Apple has not made it usable with any other of their devices. 

This may be frustrating for iPad Mini users who want to use an Apple Watch, but unfortunately, you’ll need to have an iPhone if you wish to experience the useful features of the popular smartwatch. If all you have is an iPad Mini, you won’t be able to set the Apple Watch up. 

Even once you’ve set the Apple Watch up initially with an iPhone, you cannot use it with an iPad Mini. This is the same for the Apple Watch GPS + Cellular models and the GPS-only watches

Apple has released many versions of the iPad, and despite their different qualities and features, they all share one thing in common, as you can see in the comparison table below. 

iPad ModelDisplayChipMaximum StorageCameraApple Watch Compatible?
iPad Mini 57.9” A12 Bionic Chip w/ Neural Engine256GB8MP wide cameraNo
iPad Pro 512.9” M1 w/ next-gen Neural Engine2TB12MP wide cameraNo
iPad Air 510.9”M1 w/ next-gen Neural Engine256GB12MP wide/ 10MP ultra-wide cameraNo

Does Apple Watch Only Work With iPhone?

When you first purchase an Apple Watch, you must set it up initially with an iPhone. Once the initial setup has been complete, you can use the Apple Watch without the iPhone, but its capabilities and features will be limited.  

There are no other devices that you can use to set up the Apple Watch, only an iPhone. Even other devices made by Apple, such as the iPod Touch, iPad, or any of the Apple Mac computers and laptops, cannot be used with the Apple Watch. 

This might seem like a strange decision by Apple, considering that most of the manufacturer’s other devices are compatible. For example, their popular wireless earbuds, AirPods, can be used with any device I mentioned, including the Apple Watch. 

Regardless of whether your Apple Watch has cellular or is a GPS-only model, it can still only be used with the iPhone. With cellular models, the Apple Watch connects to the same phone number used by the iPhone and can make calls and send and receive messages. 

Once you’ve set up the Apple Watch cellular model with your iPhone, you can use some of the features without your phone. This includes calls, messages, iMessages, maps, Apple Pay, and all health-related features. 

If you don’t have a cellular set up, you can still use some Apple Watch features without your iPhone. This includes listening to any music or podcasts downloaded onto your Apple Watch, looking at photos you’ve synced to the device, setting alarms and timers, and monitoring your physical activity. 

The Watch app available in the Apple Store can only be downloaded using an iPhone. This app is essential for the functionality of the Apple Watch and allows you to change the device’s settings.

Without this app, it’s difficult to access the full scope of features and capabilities of the Apple Watch. The fact that Apple has made the Watch app available only on iPhones is another reason you need one to use the Apple Watch. 

Don’t have an iPhone around? Here’s a YouTube video explaining an interesting way to use an Apple watch without an iPhone:

Related Questions

Can I use Apple Watch if I don’t have an iPhone?

If you’ve already set your Apple Watch up with an iPhone, you don’t need the device with you at all times to use the watch. With a cellular Apple Watch, you can still make calls, access messages, music, and podcasts, and pay for things with Apple Pay.

If your Apple Watch doesn’t have cellular and you don’t have your iPhone, you will need to connect to Wi-Fi to access any online features. 

Does Apple Watch GPS work without a phone?

If you own an Apple Watch 2nd generation onwards, you don’t need your phone to use any fitness-related tracking features. GPS works without needing to be connected to your phone for mobile data. 

Can you connect an Apple Watch to a computer?  

Unlike other Apple devices, the Apple Watch cannot be connected to a computer apart from charging. This requires a USB C charging cable which is plugged into the USB input on the computer or laptop. 

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