Why Does My Apple Watch Have A Different Phone Number?




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Using an Apple Watch without an iPhone limits the device’s functionality. Indeed, the Apple Watch is still useful as a standalone device, but when it is used with an iPhone, it is at its most effective. 

Why does my Apple Watch have a different phone number?

When you receive your cell phone bill, you might have noticed that your Apple Watch is listed with a different number to your phone. This is simply for tracking purposes – the phone number is the same on your Apple Watch once it’s linked to your iPhone. 

When Apple Watch and iPhones are connected, the two devices merge and are linked to the number associated with the phone. However, the Apple Watch still has a different account number from the iPhone, which will show up on your monthly bill.

This article will explain why the numbers are different and everything related to this topic. 

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Why Does My Apple Watch Have a Different Phone Number?

Apple Watches that have cellular capabilities act as an extension to your iPhone. They allow you to answer, make calls, and send and receive text messages without needing your phone. 

This is possible because the Apple Watch has a particular type of sim card installed, known as an eSIM. The eSIM gets its name because it is an embedded sim card that cannot be removed or replaced.

To use the cellular features of your Apple Watch, you must register it with the same mobile network your iPhone uses. The mobile data plan will then be updated to include your Apple Watch, and the carrier will notify you of any additional monthly charges. 

When you check your data bill, you might notice that two separate phone numbers are now linked to your account. One is your phone number, and the other is a number assigned to your Apple Watch’s eSIM. 

The phone number displayed for your Apple Watch is only for billing purposes. It cannot be used for people to contact you through phone calls or text messages. Your iPhone number will be linked to your Apple Watch so that you can answer on the smartwatch or your phone if someone calls it. The other number is just there to show the data carrier that you have a separate sim associated with your account. 

Even if you leave your iPhone at home, you can still take calls using your Apple Watch once connected to your data account. 

Can I Change The Phone Number On My Apple Watch?

This is pretty simple if you want to change the number on your phone. All you need to do is change your sim card, and you’ll have a new number for making calls and sending messages. However, the number associated with your Apple Watch cannot be changed. This is due to the type of sim card installed in the device. 

Unlike most sim cards in smartphones that can easily be removed and replaced, the eSIM used in Apple Watches is embedded within the device and, therefore, cannot be accessed. 

Apple doesn’t want users taking the Apple Watch apart to risk breaking it, so they’ve chosen an embedded sim over a removable one. There would be no benefit to trying to access it, as this would void your watch warranty. 

Changing the phone number associated with your Apple Watch would be pointless anyway. Your network provider only uses the number for billing and accounting purposes. 

If you want to change the phone number people can use to call your Apple Watch, you will need to change the number you use with your iPhone. This may require you to switch providers, get a new sim, or see if your current provider would allow you to get a new number. 

Here’s a YouTube video guide to on how to change the number:

Does Apple Watch 7 Have Its Own Phone Number?

The Apple Watch 7 features advancements from the previous model, including a more comfortable design, larger display options, a new and improved S7 chip, and more. 

One thing that has remained the same about the 7th generation Apple Watch is that, like the previous models, it also comes with an eSIM card if you choose the GPS+Cellular version.

Technically, the Apple Watch 7 does have its number, but this number is not used for cellular purposes. It is assigned by the carrier to differentiate the Apple Watch from your iPhone sim card in your data plan. 

The Apple Watch takes on the phone number linked to the sim card installed in your iPhone. The number that is displayed on your data bill doesn’t serve any purpose in terms of cellular activity; it just allows your network provider to add the use of a smartwatch to your mobile contract.

If you want to find the number associated with your Apple Watch 7, most network providers have apps you can use to see the details of your contract. 

When you connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone for the first time, the device should automatically connect to the network that your iPhone sim card uses. You will then need to contact your data provider to notify them that you want to add an Apple Watch to your plan. 

There is no way to use an Apple Watch 7 for cellular purposes without connecting it to the same network as your iPhone. 

Here’s a breakdown of the key differences and similarities between the Apple Watch 7 and its predecessor. 

FeaturesApple Watch 6Apple Watch 7
Maximum Storage32GB32GB
Battery Life18 hours18 hours
GPS + CellularYesYes
Sizes40mm and 44mm41mm and 45mm case sizes
ChipS6 ChipS7 Chi[
Borders3 mm1.7 mm 
Dust ResistanceUnratedIP6X
Charging Cable1m USB-C Magnetic 1m USB-C Magnetic Fast 

How Do I Find My Phone Number On My Apple Watch?

You’ll need to take the following steps to find your Apple Watch phone number. 

  • On your iPhone, open the “Watch” app
  • Tap “My Watch” 
  • Tap “Cellular”
  • Tap the information icon next to your network provider’s name
  • You will find your Apple Watch number adjacent to “Watch Line”

If you can’t locate your Apple Watch number using these steps, you may also be able to find it on the monthly bill that you receive from your network provider. Failing that, you will need to contact them to ask for the number. 

Knowing the phone number associated with your Apple Watch is not essential. The number isn’t used for making or receiving calls, nor for messaging purposes. 

If someone tries to call you on your Apple Watch number, it will not be recognized, and you won’t be notified of the call. This is because once the smartwatch has been connected to your iPhone, it is associated with the same number you use for that device. 

You will need to contact your network provider initially to add the Apple Watch to your existing data plan so that the same number can be used for both devices.

When someone calls you on your iPhone, you will be notified on your Apple Watch and have the option of taking the call on that device if it is more convenient. 

The only reason you might need to know the phone number associated with your Apple Watch is for billing purposes or if you change network providers and need to get the device swapped onto a different data plan. 

Other than for those reasons, you can use the same number linked to the sim card in your iPhone to perform any cellular actions on your Apple Watch

Related Questions

What happens if you call the Apple Watch phone number? 

The phone number assigned to the Apple Watch eSIM card may look like an actual number, but it’s not designed for cellular use. It’s used to identify the Apple Watch on your billing documents rather than make calls. If you call the number, you will probably be told that the number is not recognized. 

How do I know if an Apple Watch is cellular? 

There are two types of Apple Watches – GPS only and GPS+Cellular. The easy way to know whether an Apple Watch has cellular is by looking for a red dot on the Digital Crown. GPS-only models don’t have this red dot. 

Do you need a data plan to use Apple Watch cellular? 

If you don’t have a data plan, you can still use your Apple Watch as a GPS-only model. Connecting the watch to Wi-Fi will allow you to access all of the online features of a cellular Apple Watch with a data plan. 

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