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Unboxing your new Apple Watch is an exciting experience, particularly if it’s the first one you’ve owned. Ensuring that you set the device up correctly is important, and this involves charging its battery. 

Do Apple Watches come charged?

You can expect your Apple Watch to have a partially charged battery when you take it out of the box, but it won’t be fully charged. It’s advised to plug the device in while you set it up and allow it to charge before you unplug it. It may take an hour or two to be charged fully.  

Many opinions about charging new electronic devices make it difficult to know what is true.

If you’ve purchased a new Apple Watch and are wondering whether it will come charged or whether you need to charge it, keep reading this article to find out everything you need to know. 

Do Apple Watches Come Charged?

When you first unbox an electronic device, you might find that some are charged to their fullest capacity while others have little or no power. Therefore, it can be difficult to know whether you need to charge a device or whether it is ready to use right away. 

Apple is consistent with the condition their brand new devices arrive in. You can pretty much guarantee that a new Apple Watch will have between 20-40% battery when you first take it out of the box. 

You must plug in the Apple Watch to charge while you set it up. It can take between 1 and 2 hours for the watch to reach 100% battery from the amount of charge it comes with, so by the time you’ve paired it with your iPhone and set up all of the necessary security measures, it should be almost there. 

Some people claim that you must charge an electronic device to 100% battery on the first charge cycle, as not doing this can reduce its overall battery life. This is up for debate, but I would argue that it’s better to do this anyway to assess the maximum battery life of the device when you first begin to use it. 

The Apple Watch will arrive with enough charge for you to turn it on and begin the setup process, but you might as well plug it in while you do this so that you don’t have to wait around for as long while it charges after the setup is complete. 

You can explore the apps and features of the watch while it is charging, but this will cause it to take longer to reach 100%. The best thing to do is leave the watch after the initial setup is complete; it will charge much faster, and you can use it sooner.

When you first turn on your Apple Watch, check the current battery level. It should have a little charge but not enough to complete the full setup process, so plugging it in right away is a good idea.  

How to Turn on an Apple Watch For The First Time

Once you’ve unboxed your new Apple Watch, you’ll need to turn it on and then pair it with your iPhone. Firstly, you must put your Apple Watch on your wrist and adjust the wristband to fit comfortably without being too tight or loose. 

Some Apple Watches come with multiple bands that are different sizes, so you may need to try them all on to find the one that best suits your wrist. Once comfortable wearing the watch, you can turn on the Apple Watch. 

Turning on the Apple Watch for the first time is no different from turning it on any other time. Simply press down the side button, and hold it for a few seconds until the Apple Logo appears on the display screen. 

The Apple Watch may take a minute or two to turn on for the first time, as it will need to load up the necessary apps and complete certain background processes. Once the main menu appears, you can begin pairing with your iPhone. 

You’ll need to have your iPhone next to your Apple Watch and hold it there. This should automatically prompt a pairing menu to appear on your iPhone, and when it does, you should select “continue.” 

Alternatively, if the pairing process doesn’t automatically commence, you can open your Apple Watch app on your iPhone and manually choose to pair your new watch. 

The Apple Watch will begin to sync with your iPhone, and you will see a screen explaining the process. You can’t use your Apple Watch while syncing, but you will be altered once the process is complete. 

You can also use your iPhone as normal while the watch is syncing to the device, and an alert will appear on the phone once your new Apple Watch is ready to use. 

If you have Apple Watch Series 7, here’s a YouTube video demonstrating the way to turn it on properly:

Can You Charge Apple Watch With iPhone Charger? 

Unfortunately, charging your Apple Watch using your iPhone charging cable is impossible, as the two devices use different chargers. The Apple Watch has a specifically designed magnetic charger with a rounded shape, whereas the iPhone uses a Lightning cable. 

Before the Apple Watch 7, there were rumors that Apple was planning to make it possible to charge the device using an iPhone charger, but this has not come to fruition. The circular magnetic charger that has been used for the Apple Watch since it was first introduced is still used. 

There are two varieties of Apple Watch chargers available – the Magnetic Charging Cable and the Magnetic Charging Dock. The difference is that the cable is more mobile, while the dock is designed to be left in one place so that you can charge your Apple Watch regularly. 

It’s recommended that you use an Apple-made charger for the Apple Watch if you want to ensure maximum efficiency. Other brands may offer similar-looking chargers, but Apple makes the best options for its products. 

In the future, Apple may decide to make the Apple Watch chargeable through different methods other than the magnetic dock and cable, which are currently the only two options available. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge Apple Watch 7?

If an Apple Watch 7 is at 0% battery, it takes approximately 1.5 hours to charge it up to 100%. This is assuming you’re using the Magnetic Fast Charging Cable that is made by Apple. 

If you’re using a different charging cable or dock, you may find that it takes slightly longer for the Apple Watch 7 to reach full charge. It’s recommended that you charge the Watch when it gets to around 20% battery, rather than letting it run out completely, as this can help to prolong battery life. 

The Apple Watch battery can last between 3-5 years if it is in good condition. Regularly charging the device will impact this, as will the way that you use the watch. 

The battery’s condition may also affect how long it takes to charge the Apple Watch 7. A new device will likely be quicker to fully charge than a device that has been used for many months or a number of years. 

If your Apple Watch 7 takes more than 2.5 hours to charge fully, you either need to get a new charging cable or get the battery checked out at an Apple Store to see whether it is faulty. 

Related Questions

What does the green snake mean on Apple Watch?

If your Apple Watch displays a green snake icon, this indicates that the device’s battery level is too low to present any information or display. This is common with new Apple Watches that have not been charged. 

Can I leave my Apple Watch charging overnight?

There is no danger to leaving your Apple Watch charging overnight, providing you use a good quality magnetic charger. The Apple Watch will charge quickly from 0% to 80%, then the final twenty percent charges more slowly to preserve battery health. 

Which Apple Watch has the longest battery life?

The Apple Watch with the longest battery life is the Apple Watch Ultra, a device created mainly for fitness and exercise purposes. This watch has a maximum battery life of 60 hours in low power mode and 36 hours in normal power mode. 

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