How Far Can An Apple Watch Be From A Phone?




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When an Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone, the two devices complement each other excellently. You gain access to many useful features that can enhance various parts of your life. 

How far can an Apple Watch be from a phone?

The maximum distance an Apple Watch can operate from a phone is approximately 33ft or 10m. The Apple Watch uses Bluetooth 5.0, which has a much longer maximum operating range, but when paired when an iPhone, the distance is more limited. 

If you connect the Apple Watch and the phone to the same Wi-Fi network, the connection will remain even when the maximum Bluetooth distance is exceeded.

This guide will take a closer look at the specifics of connecting Apple Watches to iPhones and other smartphones. 

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How Far Can an Apple Watch be From iPhone For Bluetooth Not to Work?

Apple has never definitively stated the maximum distance an Apple Watch can be placed from an iPhone and still work, but we can figure it out by analyzing the type of Bluetooth the device uses. 

Apple Watches and iPhones connect via Bluetooth. Wireless devices use many different versions of Bluetooth, which impact the maximum operating range. 

The latest Apple Watches all use Bluetooth 5.0, which has a maximum operating range of 240 meters (800 ft). Therefore, technically the Apple Watch 6, 7, and 8 all have the potential to transmit a Bluetooth signal over that distance. 

In reality, it’s not that simple. The Bluetooth connection is made between the iPhone and the Apple Watch, and most smartphones are limited to around 33ft or 10 meters. You may find that your Apple Watch and iPhone exceed this maximum Bluetooth operating range, but generally, it will start to cut out after around 33ft. Other factors, such as wireless interference, can also have an impact. 

There are many misconceptions about Bluetooth and its maximum operating range. One of these is that the technology is only suitable for short distances. 

Most manufacturers of smartphones, smartwatches, wireless headphones, and speakers limit their devices to around 10-30 meters, which is why many people believe that Bluetooth’s maximum distance is shorter than it is. 

Another false rumor about Bluetooth is that it cannot travel through surfaces, such as walls or closed doors. The signal can pass through hard surfaces; it will simply be weakened. 

This is a crucial thing to bear in mind when using an Apple Watch. If you are in a different room from your iPhone, the Bluetooth signal will be weakened as it passes through the walls. 

Therefore, the maximum Bluetooth range will be shortened to less than 33ft when the signal must go through walls. 

Can You Use Apple Watch Without iPhone?

The Apple Watch is undeniably one of the best smartwatches available, but can people who don’t use an iPhone experience the many features and capabilities of this popular device? 

Without an iPhone, you cannot set up the Apple Watch in the first place. It must be linked to the “Watch” app, which is only available on iPhones from the App Store. 

Apple designed the Apple Watch to be an accessory used with the iPhone, not a universal device that can be used with any smartphone brand. The Apple Watch can’t even be synced to the iPad – proof that it is designed specifically to be used with the iPhone. 


While it’s not possible to use the Apple Watch without an iPhone, once the device has been set up, you can still enjoy some of the features of the Apple Watch even if you don’t have your phone. 

For example, the Apple Watch can continue to track your activity and fitness levels throughout the day if you’ve left your iPhone at home. It will provide you with the number of steps you’ve taken, your heart rate, and location data if you have these features activated. 

When you re-connect your Apple Watch with your iPhone later, the devices will synch back up, and all of the health-related information and data will be added to the Watch app. 

If your Apple Watch has cellular and GPS, you can also set it up to extend the phone calling capabilities of your iPhone. All cellular Apple Watches from the 3rd generation onwards have this capability, even if your iPhone is not with you. 

Another thing you can use the Apple Watch for when you don’t have your iPhone is listening to music. The Apple Watch can store a certain amount of tracks, and you can then connect your Bluetooth headphones to the device to enjoy your favorite music while exercising, traveling, or relaxing. 

Using maps with your Apple Watch without your iPhone is also possible. This will require cellular to be activated on the watch, and you’ll need an eSIM contract with your data provider. 

You can also use Apple Pay without your iPhone. Once this is set up, simply push the side button on the watch twice and then place it over the contactless payment machine. 

Is It Worth Getting Cellular With Apple Watch?

If you’re thinking of purchasing an Apple Watch, you are faced with two choices – the GPS-only version or the GPS + Cellular watch. The first option will cost you less, but you’ll miss out on all the convenient features of cellular Apple Watches. 

Cellular Apples Watches act as an extension of your iPhone. If someone calls your phone number, you can take the call on your Apple Watch without needing to use your phone. 

Likewise, You can send and receive text messages using your cellular Apple watch. This is made possible by the Apple watch having a special SIM card embedded inside it, known as an eSIM.

Most network providers will charge an extra monthly cost for adding an Apple Watch with cellular capabilities to your existing mobile data plan. The price varies, but it’s generally in the region of $10 per month. 

To use Apple Pay, you’ll need an Apple Watch with cellular. GPS Apple Watches will allow you to track your fitness-related statistics, such as how many steps you’ve taken and the distances you cover when walking, running, or cycling. 

You’ll also be able to access other features that don’t require cellular, such as alarms, notes, and any music you’ve saved onto your Apple Watch. 

It’s important to note that you can still enjoy some of the features we’ve listed on the GPS-only Apple Watch when connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but you won’t be able to use them all the time. 

The cellular Apple Watch allows you to access all of the online features, giving you a mobile network signal, no matter where you are. 

Still not convinced? You can watch the YouTube video below:

Will Apple Watch Work If My Phone Dies?

The latest versions of the Apple Watch have a maximum battery life of around 18 hours. iPhones are susceptible to losing battery power over time, so there’s a chance that the phone could die while you’re out.

The good news is that you will still be able to use your Apple Watch even if your iPhone dies. If it has cellular capabilities, you can access a wide range of features using the watch. This includes still being able to take calls and send messages from the Apple Watch, in addition to using Apple Pay and Maps. 

If you have a GPS-only Apple Watch, you can still listen to any music you saved on the device when your iPhone is dead. You’ll also be able to continue tracking your fitness-related data.

The Apple Watch will automatically sync back up to your iPhone the next time you turn it on and connect the two devices. 

Related Questions

Does Apple Watch work without Wi-FI? 

GPS-only Apple Watches require a Wi-Fi signal to access any online features, but GPS + Cellular models can use your mobile data to make calls, send messages, and perform other online tasks. 

Can an Apple Watch get texts without cellular? 

You don’t need cellular to send and receive text messages on your Apple Watch. GPS-only watches can also text, providing they are connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth. 

Can you answer calls on Apple Watch without cellular?

Whether you can take calls on your Apple Watch without cellular depends on your mobile network plan. If the mobile network plan includes Wi-Fi calls, you can make voice calls when the Apple Watch is connected to the Wi-Fi network. 

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