How Waterproof Is The Apple Watch 3?




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Released in 2017, two years after the 1st generation model, the Apple Watch 3 has enjoyed global popularity. This model marked several serious improvements over the previous two generations, including the introduction of cellular. 

How waterproof is the Apple Watch 3?

With a water resistance rating of 50 meters, the Apple Watch 3 can handle being submerged in water. However, this capability is reserved for swimming, as the watch has an automatic Water Lock mechanism that secures the screen to prevent water from getting in. 

The Apple Watch Series 3 is designed to be used by swimmers to track their workouts and progress. Therefore, Apple has ensured that it can handle being submerged in water up to 50m.

There are, however, some additional important things to consider when discussing the Apple Watch 3’s water resistance, which we’ll get into in the article. 

How Waterproof is The Apple Watch 3?

The release of the Apple Watch 3 was somewhat of a landmark for Apple. It was the first model of their popular smartwatch that could be connected to a mobile network and used for cellular activities such as making calls and sending and receiving messages. 

Apple Watch 3 users also benefit from a faster processor than the one featured in the previous two generations. They could use iMessage, Apple Music, and Apple Podcasts on the device. 

Another area in which the Apple Watch 3 improved upon the original was its water resistance, but confusion still surrounds exactly how waterproof the device is. 

The Apple Watch 3 is listed as WR50, which means it can be used in shallow water for activities such as swimming. You can wear the watch in a swimming pool, in the sea, or in some other form of nature swimming that doesn’t involve deep diving. 

If you’re a swimmer, once you activate a swimming workout on the Apple Watch, it will automatically trigger the Water Lock feature to lock its screen, preventing water from getting in. This feature only kicks in when you begin the swimming workout, though. 

After you’ve finished swimming, you can eject any water from the Apple Watch by turning the Digital Crown. This feature prevents unnecessary water from entering the Apple Watch 3 if you’re swimming. 

Splashes of water are highly unlikely to damage the Apple Watch 3. Therefore, you can use it in the rain or in the shower, but only if there’s no danger of soap or soapy water coming into contact with the watch.  

Can I Shower With Apple Watch Series 3? 

Apple Watch 3 users don’t need to worry about their device being damaged by the rain or by a few unexpected water splashes when washing their hands. But can the device survive being worn in the shower? 

The answer to this question isn’t a straightforward yes or no. Physically, the Apple Watch 3 can handle being used in the shower, particularly if the Water Lock feature is turned on. 

However, Apple clearly states that the Apple Watch 3 should not be used in an environment where soap or other chemicals could come into contact with it. Obviously, a shower often involves using soap of some sort. 

The way around this may be to be extra careful when showering with your Apple Watch 3 on so that no soap or soapy water gets on the device. This seems like more work than removing the watch while you shower. 

It’s unlikely that wearing your Apple Watch 3 in the shower for a short time will cause irreparable damage, particularly if the watch is relatively new. 

The water resistance of Apple Watches can slowly diminish over time, so if you’ve had the watch for a long time, it’s probably best to avoid using it in the shower just to be on the safe side. 

It should also be noted that not all wristbands that come with the Apple Watch 3 are suitable for showering. The stainless steel and leather wristbands are not listed as water resistant and shouldn’t be used in the shower.

If your Apple Watch 3 gets exposed to soap or other chemicals in the shower, you should use clean, warm water and dry it with a soft cloth to avoid permanent damage. 

How Does Apple Watch Eject Water?

One of the coolest features of the Apple Watch is its ability to eject water once the Water Lock is deactivated. This innovative capability prevents water from staying inside the watch face and causing damage to the device.  

The way that the water ejection feature works are pretty simple. Turning off the Water Lock causes a series of sounds to be played through the internal speaker. These sounds cause vibrations that push any water droplets off the speaker’s surface, so they run out of the watch. You might notice that some water drops come onto your wrist or the watch’s face. 

When a speaker produces a sound, it vibrates. Certain tones cause the speaker to vibrate faster than others, and Apple has chosen the tones used for the water eject feature to get rid of as much water from inside the watch as possible. 

Although this may seem like a gimmick, the water eject capabilities of the Apple Watch are actually very impressive and effective. You can see the effect in slow motion in this YouTube video.

The Apple Watch goes through ten cycles of speaker vibrations to ensure that all the water is pushed from the inside. By the end of the cycles, no water should be left inside the watch. 

You don’t need to pause using the Apple Watch once the water has been ejected either – you can get back to using the display immediately without fearing water damage. 

Can You Swim With Apple Watch 3?

The Apple Watch 3 is suitable for swimming in water up to 50 meters deep. It has the same WR50 rating that all Apple Watches have had since the second generation model.

When you use the Apple Watch 3 while swimming, it automatically activates the Water Lock feature. This innovative feature prevents water from getting into the watch to an extent. 

The Water Lock automatically comes on when you select a water-based activity like swimming on the Apple Watch. You can then use the watch to track the distance you swam, your heart rate, calories burned, and so on. 

It is not advised to use the Apple Watch 3 for diving or any activity that involves deep water, but for swimming in a pool, the device should have no issues. After you’ve finished swimming and turned off the Water Lock, the water ejector will remove any excess moisture inside the watch. 

Apple makes it clear that the water resistance of their smartwatches isn’t a quality that is guaranteed to remain throughout the device’s lifespan. The resistance could decrease over time, and there’s no way to check whether your Apple Watch 3 has lost some water resistance. 

Therefore, the older your Apple Watch 3 is, the more cautious you should be when using it while swimming. 

There are certain things that can impact the water resistance of an Apple Watch 3, such as dropping the device on the floor, standing on it, or using it in hot temperatures. 

You should avoid using your Apple Watch 3 in the sauna, steam room, or in an environment where chemicals, perfumes, or soap are likely to get into the watch. If you take these measures, the Apple Watch is more likely to retain its water resistance for longer. 

Related Questions

How long can Apple Watch Series 3 stay underwater? 

Apple advises that you should keep the Apple Watch Series 3 underwater for no longer than 30 minutes before allowing it to dry out completely. You should also consider using the Water Lock feature when submerging the Apple Watch 3 in water. 

How do you know if your Apple Watch is water damaged?

It should be fairly easy to notice if your Apple Watch is water damaged. The most common sign is that water droplets will be visible under the display screen, indicating that it has gotten into the internal components and could cause serious damage. 

Can a wet Apple Watch be repaired?

In most cases, getting your Apple Watch wet won’t damage it. However, if the water gets into the internal parts of the watch, you should take it to an Apple Store, and they should be able to repair it before permanent damage occurs. 

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